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Theme 1: 🔋 Energy crisis

Rising prices, faltering output: Europe’s struggling energy sector.

Natural gas prices in Europe were back on the rise Thursday following a forecast for colder temperatures.

We will focus the conversation on the following questions:

  1. What do you think about the rising of Natural gas prices in Europe?
  2. What do you think about the proposal of Ursula von der Leyen?
  3. Do you agree with the Ifo Institute Director Clemens Fuest? Why?
  4. What do you think are the reasons that have led to this energy crisis?
  5. What do you think could be the consequences of too much increase in rates and prices in the energy sector?

Here we leave you some vocabulary you can use during the talk:

  • Hydropower plant: a renewable source of energy that generates power by using a dam or diversion structure to alter the natural flow of a river or other body of water.
  • Coal plants: a power Station which uses coal as the primary source of fuel.
  • Export restrictions: limitations on the quantity of goods exported to a specific country or countries by a government.
  • Tricky: requiring care and skill because difficult or awkward.
  • Energy supply: the energy resources available, typically those of a country or other large consumer such as a city.
  • Faltering: losing strength or momentum.
  • Revenue: income, especially when of an organization and of a substantial nature.
  • Lifeline: a thing on which someone or something depends or which provides a means of escape from a difficult situation.
  • To reach: to arrive at, to extend, or to touch by stretching toward something.
  • To cap: provide a fitting climax or conclusion to.

Theme 2:💰 Business

Importance of workplace trust and transparency.

Here we will deal with how trust conditions the workplace and how it can help you achieve success.

We will focus the conversation on the following questions:

  1. Do you think that trust is linked with success in the workplace? In which other way could a person achieve success?
  2. If you had a job, would you befriend your coworkers? If you have one, do you have friends at work?
  3. Do you believe that transparency is a must in any company? Why?
  4. Would you consider trust to be an essential characteristic at work?
  5. As a customer, in which ways could a company get your trust?

Here we leave you some vocabulary you can use during the talk:

  • Minimal bureaucracy: an approach to having exactly the right amount of process to make things function.
  • Transparency: a condition in which financial activities and business are made in an open manner without secrecy, allowing for public confidence in their fairness and honesty.
  • Work environment: the surrounding conditions in which an employee works and functions.
  • Departments: a part of a business that deals with a particular area of study or work.
  • Company checkbook: book containing the customer’s checking account information.
  • Employment contract: a written legal agreement between an employer and an employee, giving information about the employee’s job.
  • Personal integrity: the moral principles one holds themselves to gain trust, show self-respect, and display a professional work ethic.
  • Follow-through: action of completing something.
  • Hiring: act of starting to employ someone.
  • Trustworthiness: worthy of confidence.

Theme 3: 🎥 Culture

What is Cinema for?

There is no room for discussion when it comes to speaking of cinema as one of the greatest entertainments of all times. But is it just entertainment?

We will focus the conversation on 
the following questions:

  1. Do we use cinema as an artistic tool or is there really a personal background?
  2. Would you be able to imagine your life without the existence of films or series?
  3. Movies can help us to cheer up when feeling down, but is it the only possible use?
  4. Would you blame cinema for Western society ignoring human problems such as the current situation in Iran?
  5. How would you account for the advantages that cinema has brought to your life?

Here we leave you some vocabulary you can use during the talk:

  • Unwittingly: Involuntary.
  • Self-assertion: Self-confidence.
  • Self-pity: To feel sorry for oneself.
  • To be prone to something: To be likely to suffer from something.
  • To seek: To pursue.
  • Lustful: Sensual
  • Self-righteous: Pretentious.
  • Swankier: Richer.
  • To re-engage: To become involved with somebody or something.
  • To grow bored: To feel bored because of something or somebody.

Theme 4: 🎥 Free topic

Do you find these topics boring or uninteresting? Don’t worry. Dilo gives you the opportunity to choose your own topic for a conversation class.

Think of some vocabulary you would like to learn related to your topic and send us some information about it with the subject «Free topic». We are certain your ideas will be great! 😁.