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Thème 1: ⌚️Business

Special Christmas jobs

On this occasion, we will see how people who work as Santa Claus prepare for this time of the year.

We will focus the conversation on the following questions:

    1. Would you like to work as Santa Claus?
    2. Do you think it is useful to go to this peculiar school?
    3. What experience do you think the students who go will take away?
    4. Would it be worth paying what they charge to teach you to be Santa Claus?
    5. What do you think about them teaching sign language for children with special needs?

    Here we leave you some vocabulary you can use during the talk:

    Reindeer: a deer of the tundra and subarctic regions of Eurasia and North America
    First serve basis: Free tickets will be given out on a first come
    Belt: a strip of leather or other material worn, typically round the waist, to support or hold in clothes
    Yak hair: (referring to the beard): Yak fiber is the term commonly used to refer yak fiber wool produced from the coat hair of yaks
    Add up: increase in amount, number, or degree.
    Investments: the action or process of investing money for profit
    Hanging tinsel: a type of decorative material that mimics the effect of ice, consisting of thin strips of sparkling material attached to a thread
    Tug down: to pull or strain hard at
    Peppermit sticks: Alternative term for candy cane.
    Elves: Plural of elf. a supernatural creature of folk tales, typically represented as a small, delicate, elusive figure in human form with pointed ears

      Thème 2: 📚Culture

      The Importance of Reading

      Here we will see how reading can improve many aspects of your life.

      We will focus the conversation on the following questions:

      1. Do you enjoy reading books?
      2. Do you believe that reading can change the way you think about life?
      3. Do you have a favourite book? If so, why do you like it?
      4. Which book would you consider to be the most impactful of all time?
      5. Which author would you highlight as important to you? Did they have an impact on you in some way?

        Cozy up with a book: getting comfortable somewhere, for example in the couch, and read a book.
        Walk through the character’s journey: action of being present through the action of reading throughout the story and character development.
        Climb into someone’s skin: putting yourself in the other person’s place and understand what they think or do.
        Fictional character: imaginary person represented in a work of fiction.
        Gut-wrenching: causing mental or emotional anguish.
        Get you out of the confines of life: going beyond life itself through reading and imagination.
        Deeper understanding: to have spent time in the pursuit of learning or experiencing things that have broadened your view.
        Chapter: separate parts into which a book is divided.
        Cobblestone: a naturally rounded stone larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder.
        Challenge: something that needs effort to be done and that, therefore, tests a person’s ability

      Thème 3:Soccer

      Qatar World Cup

      The fact that the World Cup is being held in Qatar has raised a number of criticisms. ¿But is it justifiable or is it a Human Rights issue?

      We will focus the conversation on the following questions:

      1. Is the racist sentiment on the part of the Qatari population justified?
      2. Should the choice of countries to host the World Cup take into account issues such as the preservation of human rights?
      3. Is the media to blame for the negative propaganda Qatar is receiving?
      4. Despite social prejudices, would it be convenient to show the progress in terms of labour laws that Qatar has had since the construction of this World Cup began?
      5. Is it appropriate for the LGTBI collective that the World Cup has been held in Qatar, or would it be a matter rooted in the culture of the Arab country?
      • Humans Rights Record: The tendency of a country to observe and protect Human Rights.
      • The run-up: The approach.
      • Interior Minister: A ministry of internal affairs.
      • Foreign Minister: A ministry of external affairs.
      • Energy Partnership: Establishment of a long-term agreement about the use of energy.
      • To fire back: To quickly react to something that has been said.
      • Double standards: Hypocrisy.
      • To shed light on something: To help to explain a situation.
      • Deadly working conditions: Dangerous conditions for employees.
      • Amended labour laws: Laws that mediate the relationship between employees, employers and the government.