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Improve your Speaking online in our Episode 24:

This week we bring new current topics in Episode 24 so you can improve your online speaking from home.


Topic 1: TikTok

«The app that learns from you»

TikTok is a recent app that has taken the world by storm. Why is it so popular?

We will focus the conversation on the following questions:

  1. Have you seen any TikTok videos? Did you like the format?
  2. Do you know about any TikTok competitors?
  3. Will TikTok keep growing in the future?
  4. Are longer TikTok videos something you would like?
  5. Do you think TikTok is a good way to get rich easily?

Here we leave you some vocabulary you can use during the talk: 

  • staff: the workers of a company, from the janitors to the directors

  • startup: a new, growing company

  • headquarters: the main office of a company

  • currency: money, or something used as money

  • fine: an amount of money you’re forced to pay as a punishment

  • censorship: the practice of removing or suppressing problematic content 

  • behind the curve: not up to date, stuck in the past


Topic 2: The purchase of Twitter

«Twitter should be the forum of the world»

Billionaire Elon Musk finally completed his purchase of the giant of social media. What does it mean for the future of the app?


 We will focus the conversation on the following questions:

  1. Are you familiar with Twitter? Do you use it?
  2. Do you think the purchase will have a large impact on how Twitter works?
  3. Why do you think Elon Musk bought Twitter?
  4. Is the removal of permanent suspensions a good thing or a bad thing? Why?
  5. Will the new rules on free speech on Twitter be beneficial or harmful?

Here we leave you some vocabulary you can use during the talk:

  • straightforward: simple, without any complication

  • stake: an interest or share in a project or a company

  • hostile takeover: a company being bought against its will

  • behind the scenes: in secret, without public knowledge

  • board (of directors): a group of person in charge of a company, generally a large one

  • on hold: paused, suspended but not cancelled 

  • tanking: falling very quickly

  • to mislead: to lie, to deceive someone

  • lay off (someone): to fire someone


Topic 3: Flexible work hours

«Should we choose when to work?»

Flexibility is one of the most demanded work benefits, but not everyone is convinced.

 We will focus the conversation on the following questions:


    1. Do you prefer regular or flexible work hours?
    2. What are some advantages of flexible work hours?
    3. Do you think flexible work hours will grow in popularity in the future?
    4. Are flexible hours worth it even if you don’t get paid as much?
    5. Is the 4-day working week a good idea?

Here we leave you some vocabulary you can use during the talk:

  • funding: money granted for a project or company

  • conveyor belt: a continuously moving belt, such as those in a factory

  • clock in/clock out: to start/end your shift at your job

  • outcome: the result of something

  • overtime: time worked beyond your normal working hours

  • leave: free days granted by the company or requested by the worker

  • workload: how much work someone does

  • boundaries: limits, restrictions

Topic 4: Free topic

Do you find these topics boring or uninteresting? Don’t worry. Dilo gives you the opportunity to choose your own topic for a conversation class.

Think of some vocabulary you would like to learn related to your topic and send us some information about it with the subject «Free topic». We are certain your ideas will be great! 😁.

This is the end of Episode 24. See you on the next one!